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With this Course Option, you will get:

Access to the Philippine Combatives curriculum materials that are released on a monthly basis.

No need to take an exam to move forward with the curriculum.

Private online community support will be provided for questions and answers.

The ability to upload videos of your training session each week and receive feedback.

Review of your progress by Guro Melegrito personally.

Register today and get started with a selection of techniques from the following topics:

Basic introduction to fighting positions.

Basic footwork

  • Standing positions
  • The importance of footwork, based on Philippine Flag images.
  • Sitting positions
  • The applications of different stances based on the 8 point references.
  • Ground positions
  • The hidden meaning behind the footwork.
  • All positions with the weapon
  • Focus on a part of footwork that commonly gets forgotten-so that you don’t get hit!

The basics of stick fighting.

Basic single stick striking patterns.

  • How to hold a stick.I will show you why holding it
    like most people do is a terrible mistake!
  • The angles of attacks.
  • How to select a stick.
  • Counter patterns, that if done properly, can end a fight instantaneously!
  • How to measure the stick.
  • How to utilize the length of the stick for striking.
  • How to position the stick in fighting and self-defense.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes stick fighters do when applying the basic strikes.

A practical single stick blocking technique that is so simple most stick fighters forget to use it. So simple, yet very effective, when it comes to building your basic foundation of stick fighting!

An introduction to double sticks and the importance of learning how to utilize two sticks right away when studying stick fighting!

Double stick drills guaranteed to increase your reflexes when dealing with any given attacks, even empty handed.

Double stick coordination drills that will strengthen your non-dominant arm.

Basic introduction to pocket knife (tactical folder) training. Yes, NOT a regular fighting knife since you probably won’t have that in your possession at all times.

  • How to safely open your pocket knife from standing position.
  • How to safely open your knife from kneeling position.
  • How to safely open your knife from sitting positions.
  • How to properly utilize your pocket knife in self-defense.
  • A single drill utilizing your pocket knife that can increase your chances of survival when being attacked, even by multiple opponents.

Learn a Introduction to weapon retention.

  • How grabbing your weapon to take it away will be the biggest mistake your opponent will ever think of!

The most important empty hand strikes you need to learn.

  • It is a shame that most martial artists don’t even know about it!

The basic self-defense kicking techniques you need to master right away.

  • These striking techniques are very simple and effective yet surprisingly not practiced in most systems!

Basic introduction to Philippine Combatives empty-hand blocking concepts.

  • This is a very simple, natural reaction blocking technique that turns your defensive mode into an offensive one.

Basic simple defense against common grabs that you must make a habit of practicing right away.

  • No, it is not striking an opponent to death -like most systems teach!
  • Yes, add this to your arsenal and dramatically enhance your chances of coming out the winner from an unexpected attack!

Must know basic ground techniques-just in case you end up fighting on your back!

  • Your most powerful position.
  • Utilizing striking techniques when on your back.
  • How to protect and safely utilize your knife from ground position.