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26 Testimonials

  1. I have been a member of the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance for over 5 years now, training alongside Master Julius and my fellow Kapatids (brothers & sisters) here in Australia. Being one of the first PMAA Black Belts in Australia is both an honor and a privilege I hold dear to my heart. I believe that the Philippines Combatives program provided by Philippine Martial Arts Alliance (PMAA) is AWESOME! (a word my students say I use too much)

    All the seminars, regional training sessions, the Philippine training camp , the Cruise training camp, and the Online University all provide the best level of instruction available. Each of these events brings together people from all walks of life who seem to have one thing in common; the love of the art. Attending any one of these events is a most rewarding experience.

    The Philippine Combatives style is an easy to follow curriculum which greatly enhances your current style of martial arts, or if you’ve never studied before, provides a great foundation to protecting yourself in the real world. The fundamentals of the style initially focuses on single stick, double stick, and knife combatives, from traditional to modern approach. Having mastered these, the style expands into sword & dagger, hand-to-hand, and other advanced techniques.

    If there is a PMAA seminar coming to a place near you, I HIGHLY recommend attending! You’ll never forget it!


    Lakan Bill Callahan
    Kando Martial Arts
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Jon Inch says:

    My son has been doing pmaa for the last three years and has found it rewarding and inspirational very week at our local Karate Centre UMMA in Heathmont. Master Melegrito your instruction visit continues to inspire my son to continually strive to be the best. To Tony, Evan and Andrew keep up the great work. Thank you.

  3. Ive been to two of Guro Melegritos seminars when Alan Goldberg brought him to the Action Hall of Fame in Atlantic City NJ. I was in awe over Guro’s talent and quick moving. Terrific martial artist in the FMA. NO BS.

    Mark Ingemi

  4. Tina Roddy says:

    I consider myself very lucky and blessed to met Master Melegrito several years ago. I say this because I’ve been teaching Taekwondo for 12 years now. When I started training with Master Melegrito, I started to see the techniques of Taekwondo in the sticks and knives. The PMAA is a total enhancement to any Martial Arts Curriculum already being taught! Master Melegrito is an charismatic and passionate instructor and you can tell he loves his art. He is energetic and it is contagious. He makes you feel like a long time friend and challenges you with your training but isn’t confusing. I’m honored and proud to be his student, as well as an instructor of the PMAA. Thank you so much Master Melegrito for such a dynamic system!

  5. Master Stephen Hammersley says:

    Thank you for your visit to American Martial Arts, we all had a great time learning your art and visiting with you, not only did we have a great time but made some great new friends in the martial arts, my students enjoyed the seminars and are still talking about you and what they learned, I was impressed with your professionalism, teaching methods and knowledge of your art. I’m sure that you will be successful in your endeavors and wish for you my friend many years of continued success.

    I posted the pictures and a write up about your visit/seminars on the UFAF web site with your contact information, I hope more of our schools will contact you, I will be going to the Board Meeting on Nov. 9th and will suggest that you come to Vegas next year to teach at the convention. when ever you are in Florida please call or stop by for a visit.

    Respect and regards,

    Master Stephen Hammersley
    American Martial Arts
    Chun Kuk DO
    International Board of Directors

  6. Julia Fogarty says:

    As a student of the Martial Arts for almost 10 years I have attended dozens of master run seminars. The instruction of Master Melegrito with the assistance of Master Evins was by far the most memorable and inspiring seminar I have ever attended!

    Master Melegrito presented a holistic view of the Martial Arts, PMAA, a complete system that provides something for the novice and expert alike.

    Master Melegrito trains and instructs with professionalism, expressing a strong and realistic view of his art that surpasses ego and leaves his participants inspired and eager for more.

    A truly unmissable and inspirational experience.

    Thank you Master Melegrito and Master Evins! We are all looking forward to your return in 2011.

    Julia Fogarty
    Kando Martial Arts, Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

  7. Jamie, Mike and Shane Corwin - Albuquerque, New Mexico says:

    Master Melegrito,

    We wanted to thank you for the wonderful seminars that you put on at Blackman TKD in Albuquerque, NM in November 2008. You bring a level of excitement and joy for your programs that make the seminars not only informative but fun as well. The three of us are members of the PMAA, studying at Blackman TKD, and really enjoy the program. It’s a great program both for those involved in other forms of martial arts as well as those who are not. Keep up the great work!

  8. Nicole Miles - Outlaw Karate Fairfield, Texas says:

    Master Melegrito has a way of making you feel like you have known him for a hundred years and teach a challenging class at the same time. This was my second time to take one of his seminars, his passion for the art is contagious, if you take just one seminar this year make it his!! I had so much fun being a student again, and I look forward to future years of training with Master Melegrito!!

  9. Master Shane Mckeahnie - Strike Martial Arts Ballina NSW Australia says:

    Master Melegrito,
    Hi Mr Melegrito, Thanks for the seminar on stix 4 kids at the Australian supershow, I have already retained a child who was going to quit this week by offering the sticks 4 Kids program and in doing so had three other kids parents ring me and ask me to put their childs name down on the list.

  10. Joe Botulinski - Okinawan Shorinryu Karate-do 5-Dan, Okinawa, Japan says:

    Master Melegrito
    The Filipino Stickfighting seminar was an outstanding program that would totally enhance all martial arts curriculums that are being taught by any martial arts instructor in any style. I highly endorse this program to be beneficial in providing a modern and realistic approach to weapons/empty hands combat and will endorse his training program to my self defense classes here in Japan.”

  11. Tom from New Mexico says:

    First I want to say thanks again for bringing me into your Stix program, and the support you have given me and the other instructors at Blackman’s. I’ve been focused on the Kids program with Master Blackman and thoroughly enjoy it very much. Besides watching the kids come along very well over the past couple of months, I’ve also watched my own skills improve and find the Stix program and excellent compliment to my HKD and TKD training.
    Stay well,
    Tom from New Mexico

  12. Jerry Winnett - Greensboro, NC says:

    I wanted to take this opportunity to express to you how much I enjoyed the seminar in Charlotte this past weekend. I have trained with you on 4 occasions and have learned a lot each time. As a former coach/teacher/principal, I have attended numerous seminars/workshops which I left confused as to what was taught. With yours, I always carry away useful information.
    Once again, thank you for a wonderful seminar, I wish I had discovered this art 25 years ago.

  13. Sage Lehr - ICHF MO. State Director says:

    Master Melegrito,
    I first wanted to thank you again for putting on a very well ran and organized certification class.
    All of us had a great time, and enjoyed your instruction on the stick.
    We all agreed that the class was very educational and we all got a lot out of it. Lots of practice to do!
    I really like the way you are structuring the learning curriculum for the stick and knife program for your organization.
    I believe it is a must to assure everyone is leaning the same basic knowledge and techniques of the art.
    Please keep me on your e-mail list for upcoming events, especially instructor certification courses!
    Thank you for everything, we had a great time and gathered a great deal of information from the course.
    Sage Lehr

  14. Sensei William Voorhees - age 27, Self Defense America, Deer Park, Tx. says:

    “I’ve trained in the Martial Arts since I was very young. When I started training in the Philippine Martial Arts. I learned a tremendous amount of skill regarding various weapons that are excellent for self-defense. Training under Master Julius Melegrito has been very beneficial to me, because he has really expanded my knowledge of the Martial arts”

  15. Brad Butchka - Senior Instructor, Martial Arts Carolina says:

    Hey Master Melegrito,
    I really enjoyed the seminar yesterday!
    It was fun going out of my area to train as a student and continue to learn the awesome practical applications of the stick and knife. Mr. Hutchinson and I will continue to train hard; we hope to have you come by Charlotte/Mint Hill sometime in the near future.
    God bless & Pil Sung!

  16. Carol Rutledge - The Rock Taekwondo says:

    Dear Sir: Thanks ever so much for the seminar. It was awesome and I learned a lot. I already did my first lesson with the kids and they loved it. I followed all the steps you taught us and the class flowed smoothly. I’m soooo pumped!! Hope to see you again sometime.
    With much love and respect, Carol Rutledge.

  17. Tyler Kearns says:

    Master Melegrito,
    I just took your instructor certification course in Chicago. I just wanted to let you know that it was a great experience. The instruction was wonderful and I learned and retained a lot. I look forward to more stick seminars and to advance in the art. I had lots of fun and enjoyed the seminar. Also the advice received from your assistant instructors was very helpful, they did an excellent job. I would just like to thank you for putting on a great seminar and teaching us, to teach our students in the ways of the stick.

  18. Mark S. Gridley - Life Protection Arts & Sciences says:

    Hello Maestro Melegrito, Thank you for the great class in Gurnee earlier this month. I started with a few of my senior students and they loved it. The way you presented the information in an organized and progressive manner was excellent. I wish I could have spent more time with you, however selling our home and building a new one has taken up a lot of time. I’m also interested in pursuing a charter with you to further help in supporting the Arts. Best regards and health,

  19. Mark S. Gridley - Life Protection Arts & Sciences says:

    Hello Maestro Melegrito, Thank you for the great class in Gurnee earlier this month. I started with a few of my senior students and they loved it. The way you presented the information in an organized and progressive manner was excellent. I wish I could have spent more time with you, however selling our home and building a new one has taken up a lot of time. I’m also interested in pursuing a charter with you to further help in supporting the Arts. Best regards and health.

  20. Master Jason Landaas - Self Defense America Asheville, NC says:

    I had a great time last weekend training with you. I have always been interested in the Filipino Martial Arts and have done some training in it over the last several years but this was the first time I trained with anyone who actually explained the structure of the arts in a way that made sense to me. I have actually been incorporating some of the mano-mano training in my adult classes for some time now. I really like how it blends with Combat Hapkido. I am very interested in continuing my training in this and helping in any way I can to support your new association. Let me know how I can become a Charter School and what else I can do to help.

  21. Patti Confessore - Taedae Tae Kwon Do Hapkido says:

    I was very impressed with your skills and knowledge in stick and knife. Not only was the seminar informative and fun but a great work out. All martial artists should experience such a terrific event. I plan to attend more in the future in addition to becoming certified in stick so I can teach to the curriculum to our students

  22. Master Bob Ingersoll - Defensive Arts Academy says:

    “Master Melegrito’s style of teaching and knowledge of the Philippine martial arts is awesome. He presents the material in a way that can be easily adapted by anyone.”

  23. Mike Torres says:

    Master Melegrito,
    I wanted to write you a letter to tell you about how appreciative I was of being able to attend your recent Stick and Knife seminar. Your personality and expertise in teaching the class was exceptional and I could not see how anyone could ever do it as well as you do. This is the second seminar that I have attended this year and it was money well spent. I would attend every seminar that you gave in the New Jersey area regardless of how far I needed to travel. It was my great pleasure to have met you and look forward to attending many more classes in the future.

  24. Master Rick Davis and Master Mike Emanuel - Self-Defense America, League City, TX says:

    Master Melegrito’s seminars are energetic, fun, informative and well structured. We have had him at our school for multiple seminars and they have all honed skills and taught us many new ones at a workable but challenging pace. He has a great sense of humor and is adored by our children and adults. They all look forward to his next visit.
    He has also done the Sticks-for-Kids program at our school and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. He was able to teach and entertain. He got the parents involved and both the kids and parents were laughing and wanting more at the end.
    I strongly endorse and encourage everyone to sponsor and enjoy one of Master Melegrito’s seminars.

  25. Dick Harrell - Full Instructor,Filipino Martial Arts (kali-escrima-silat), Full Instructor Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Full Instructor Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) says:

    My first exposure to PMAA and Master Melegrito was in May, 2006, at a workshop held in Southern Pines, NC. Having some prior experience in the Filipino Martial Arts under Guro Dan Inosanto, I was looking forward to meeting Master Melegrito. He invited me down to the seminar through a student of mine and, upon meeting him, he struck me as a very friendly, outgoing and charismatic man who made me feel very much at ease in his environment. Guro Inosanto, with whom I’ve been studying since 1978, has always encouraged his students to be open-minded with regards to other arts and instructors so I was hoping that Master Melegrito would receive me as a student. Not only did he receive me, he was extremely open in sharing his methods of Arnis and quite passionate when talking about his vision for PMAA. Once the workshop got underway, it was very evident that he was a martial artist of great skill and with the ability to teach his art exceptionally well, which is not always a “given” that the two go hand in hand.
    I am honored and proud to be a student of Master Melegrito and look forward to helping him promote his art and PMAA in the future.

  26. Master Sylvia Daniel - Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido Instructor YMCA of Greater Charlotte, NC says:

    I have had the pleasure of training with Master Melegrito on 4 occasions. His stick and knife certification course(s) far exceeded my expectations. His passion and openness for sharing the history of the Philippine Martial Arts is obvious as he packs the day with material. His courses are in-depth and the material can be applied consistently with his guidance. Although the training is intense, and the days are long, his humor and personality make the experience quite fun. I intend to train with him as often as possible. Oh, and he is really a cool guy and handsome too.



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