Philippine Combatives™ Student Course:

Course Description:

  • Month to month training!
  • Convenient, train when you can, even without a partner!
  • No contracts, cancel anytime!
  • Learn at your own pace!

This course is perfect for anybody to learn our complete Filipino martial art program. There are no martial arts experience needed to get started and you can train in the privacy of your own home or anywhere internet is accessible, anytime!. This complete course includes hand-to-hand striking lessons, self-defense techniques, single stick fighting applications, double stick fighting techniques, knife defensive and combative fighting strategies. Do understand that the Philippine Combatives™ system would not be complete without understanding how things also apply when fighting on the ground (ground fighting techniques). Train directly with the founder of the system and grow in the deadliest and most practical martial arts system in the world!

Philippine Combatives™ Black Belts Only Course:

Course Description:

  • Advanced curriculum available to PMAA Black Belts Only!
  • Continue to grow technically while strengthening your basic foundation in the Philippine Combatives™ Fighting System!!
  • Black belts only flow drills!
  • Create history in the PMAA family tree!

This course is available to Active PMAA Black Belt Students Only! This will cover the month-to-month “detailed” lessons of your next requirements for rank advancement. Access your monthly curriculum online and continue to grow in the Philippine Combatives™ Fighting System!

Philippine Combatives™ Instructor's Course:

Course Description:

  • Train like an instructor!
  • Increase your credentials!
  • Professional training, no politics and no egos!
  • Follow the lessons, implement them, grow your program!

This course is available to experienced martial artists of any style and perfect for school owners! The Philippine Combatives™ Instructor program is guaranteed to help you complement your skills. Our online university takes care of everything you’ll need to teach an effective and complete Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) program. Whether you need help to grow, complement your existing program or would like to implement a new one, this is the RIGHT course for you. Get started right away and save money on travel expenses. Invest no more on programs that DO NOT give you the tools to effectively teach it. We have the right tools and resources to assist you. Wait no more. Get started today!