A weekend full of excitement, learning, fun, camaraderie and most importantly Philippine Martial Arts (Philippine Combatives) training directly taught by Black Belt Magazine’s Hall of Famer and PMAA Founder – Guro Melegrito!

DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO MEET THE PMAA CORE GROUP of PMAA Regional Directors, School Owners, Instructors, Black Belts and Students from USA!

NO EXPERIENCE IN PHILIPPINE MARTIAL ARTS NEEDED TO JOIN US!! Just have a good positive learning attitude and you will discover the wonderful world of Philippine Martial Arts in the Philippine Combatives Style!

Training (including Instructors sessions) starts on Friday evening and will be conducted throughout the weekend. Instructor’s gradings will be conducted on Sunday morning (certain qualifications & requirements apply).

Note: This event is hosted by PMAA Regional Director Master Terrance Evins. He can be reached at his King Tiger North Charlotte School by calling 704-717-0903. Special room pricing has been secured for this particular event. To get the discounted room rates, contact Coral Beach Resort directly at 843-448-8421 and mention the code “342207‏”.