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The Instructors Information will be listed on this site only if they train with Guro Melegrito at least once a year by attending one of the PMAA Seminars / Instructors-Only training sessions. Quality instruction is PMAA’s number one top priority! Contact the PMAA HQ if you have any additional questions.
All PMAA instructors are professional instructors that offer the highest quality instruction to every student. Every member of our PMAA team is approachable, caring, and possessed a true love for teaching the Philippine Combatives™ System.
Official ranking certificate is issued by PMAA International HQ only to Online University students and our Certified School’s Active PMAA Members. For the PMAA School near you please visit our PMAA Certified School listing!

Master / Guro Instructor:

Rick DavisFusion Mind Body SpiritLeague City, Texas USA



Senior Chief Instructor:

Damara CarterMartial Arts InternationalBellevue, Nebraska USA
Terrance EvinsKing Tiger AcademyCharlotte, North Carolina USA
Conrad HartleKing Tiger AcademyHuntersville, North Carolina USA
David CavazosKing Tiger AcademyCharlotte, North Carolina USA
Jason SwansonSwanson’s TKDLincoln, Nebraska USA



Chief Instructors:

James WinnettIndependent InstructorGreensboro, NC United States
Julia FogartyKando Martial ArtsMelbourne, Victoria Australia
Stavros SaristvrosAerostrike Mixed Martial ArtsNorthcote, VIC Australia
Shane McKeahnieStrike Martial ArtsSouth Wales Australia
Bill CallahanKando Martial ArtsMelbourne, Victoria Australia



Full Instructors:

Chelley HartleKing Tiger AcademyHuntersville, North Carolina USA
Tommy LeeEast Coast Martial ArtsEdgewater, Maryland USA
Paul VeldmanKando Martial ArtsOakleigh South, Victoria


Philip CringMartial Arts InternationalBellevue, Nebraska
Steve LambMartial Arts InternationalBellevue, Nebraska
Sue SchmidUltimate Mixed Martial ArtsMelbourne, Australia



Advanced Instructors:

Mikey MelegritoMartial Arts InternationalBellevue Nebraska
Thomas BrownleeMartial Arts InternationalBellevue Nebraska



Associate Instructors:

Jonathan PetreeAtlantic WarriorsJacksonville, FL United States



Apprentice Instructors:

Robert ShinKing Tiger Tae Kwon DoBelmont Belmont, NC United



Certified Instructor:

Armand MizanKando Martial ArtsHughesdale, Victoria Australia
Benjamin ClareUltimate Martial ArtsCanterbury Road Melbourne,
Bill CallahanKando Martial ArtsHughesdale, Victoria Australia
Brent KellyKando Martial ArtsHughesdale, Victoria Australia
Kerry CurtainAerostrike Martial ArtsNorthcote, VIC Australia
Philippa FrancesAerostrike Martial ArtsNorthcote, VIC Australia





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