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Student Registration for Memberships

To Register your students online the preferred method by having them do all the work and get them instant access to the online university, watch this video
  To Register your students by doing it yourself, watch this video. If you decide to go with this option, click here to get to the membership product. Make sure to send your students the appropriate link to fill-out the membership application form once you’ve paid for their memberships.

Flyers, Posters and Banners

Self Defense Banner Self Defense Flyer Self Defense Poster PHILIPPINE COMBATIVES™ Banner PHILIPPINE COMBATIVES™ Flyer PHILIPPINE COMBATIVES™ Poster


Editable Seminar Flyers

Knife Combatives Flyer Philippine Combatives Poster Philippine Combatives Flyer Stick Combatives Flyer Stix 4 Kids Seminar Flyer


Note: This is the official PMAA color belt system structure. School owners are free to implement their “own” color belt system or to follow the same belt system below. Although, the belt colors are not mandated within the PMAA schools, the levels however will need to be implemented.



PMAA Membership Certificate banner

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