FAQ – Membership Fee


Q: How do I know if I am an official members of Philippine Martial Arts Alliance

A: You should have received a Membership Certificate with PMAA Embossed Gold Seal and Certificate ID# from one of our Certified Schools or directly from PMAA International HQ. You should have also received a welcome e-mail directly from PMAA HQ with your password to access the member’s section of the website.

Q:What benefits do I have as a member of Philippine Martial Arts Alliance?

A:Some of the benefits included with your PMAA Organization Membership are the following:

  • Online Access to PMAA Basics Must-Know!
  • Online Access to the Quickview of Techniques Videos of Your Current Curriculum!
  • Members-only Video Tips!
  • Occasional Discounts and Specials Available and Sent Only to PMAA official Members!
  • Eligibility for PMAA Official Ranking in the System!
  • Discounted Testing Fees for the Students of One of our Certified Schools!


Q: I just purchased the Level One Program but not a student of PMAA Certified School, how does PMAA membership applies to me?

A: Your Online University purchased includes your membership benefits with the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance.

Q:What are the other benefits of becoming a PMAA member if I am already a member of one of the PMAA Certified Schools?

A: You Will have an opportunity to purchase the video sections your school is covering per cycle. This includes all the lessons that are being covered for that particular curriculum, the quick view of the techniques and even the testing requirements.  Unfortunately, this membership benefit is not available to Online University students.

Q: I have not seen any certificates nor received any of the benefits mentioned above.  What should I do?

A: Speak to your Instructor about the PMAA Memberships and Rank Certifications so they can issue you the certificate/s  you need to register an an official PMAA member.

Students are also encouraged to register themselves officially through the link below:

You can click here to pay or renew your membership directly from the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance headquarters.  Once the membership fee has been paid, instant access to the membership site and your benefits including access to Level One Program lessons will be activated!
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