FAQ – Instructors Certificate


Q: How can I become a PMAA Certified Instructor?

A: You must be a Level 3 Student to be eligible to apply for PMAA Instructorship program.


Q:Is there an age requirement to be a PMAA Instructor?

A: Yes. You must be at least 21 years of age.


Q: Besides a Philippine Combatives Black Belt rank, what other martial arts background should I have to be eligible for PMAA Instructor training and certification?

A: A Black Belt rank from other legitimate martial arts system is acceptable.


Q:I am a school owner and would like to certify as a PMAA Instructor, what should I do?

A: Get started with the level one program and get tested for that level as soon as you get the materials down. Continue with the program until you get to the Level 3. Completing the 1st THREE LEVELS will then give you a better understanding of the Double Stick Fighting, Single Stick Fighting and Knife Fighting beginning sections (Section A’s) of the Philippine Combatives Program. Once you get to the Level 3, you can then apply for Instructorship training and Instructor’s Certification with the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance.  PLease note that that you MUST be at least 21 years of age and holds a Black Belt in other Martial Arts system (from a legitimate source or system) to be eligible for Instructorship certification.


Q: Can I host Guro Melegrito for an event at my school and do the Instructor’s  certification there? 


A: Yes, Some instructors actually prefer to do this to save time and money on travel expenses.  As you can see, understanding the Philippine Combatives System is the key to properly represent it. Because seminars are usually arrange ahead of time, proper planning to studying the system  including access to the materials and lessons are sometimes given ahead of time. This way, goals are properly met for having him come and visit your school. The host and his/her selected Instructors can also join in the extensive training conducted throughout the weekend which then helps the school teach the system more effectively since all or most of the Instructors understand how to represent it. As an added benefit, seminar host  also gets additional private training from Guro Melegrito to ensure that they truly understand the sections and or cover the next section in advance of needed.

For questions about hosting Guro Melegrito for a seminar, please contact us.


Q: Is there a time requirement to get from one level to another?

A: No. As long as you can perform all the given requirements in each section.


Q: I noticed that you have Regional Instructors training; can I attend the training even if I am not a certified PMAA Instructor yet?

A: No. The Instructors training is available only to certified instructors of the PMAA or other students testing for PMAA Instructor’s Certification. Please bear in mind that the application for Instructors Certification must be pre-arranged. There are also some situations that are handled on case-by-case basis. Contact the PMAA HQ if you have any questions.


Q: Is there different levels of Instructorships with PMAA?

A: Yes. We have Apprentice, Associate and Advanced Instructor Levels to begin with.


Q: I have previous experience and ranking in FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), will you honor my ranking?

A: Please refer to the FAQ – Testing for more information about ranking and testing


Q: What are the benefits of becoming a PMAA Instructor?

A: PMAA Instructors get to attend the PMAA Instructors only events as well as get access to classroom drills and helpful information to teach their classes effectively.


Q: What is the difference between a PMAA Instructor and Charter Schools?

A: Besides getting the benefits of attending the Instructors-only events and getting access to the classroom drills, Charter members also get additional tools such as marketing assistance, class protocols, terminologies, and an Affiliate site that keeps tract of generated commissions and additional income made by the school through the PMAA memberships, online university access, seminar hosting, PMAA events and more!


A charter member will also enjoy the opportunity to network with some of the biggest and successful martial arts schools owners in the Country.


Q: How can I become a Charter Member (PMAA Scchool Representative)?

A: You must 1st be a Certified PMAA Instructor to apply for Charter Membership.

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