How can I verify that I am officially ranked through the PMAA?

Q: I have been ranked by another school in your system.  How do I proceed to the next rank through PMAA Online University or my school?

A: If you are still enrolled in the program at your school and would like to access a different section than what everybody is currently on, have your instructor contact us so we can send you the link to the proper curriculum section you specifically eed to work on. You will then be able to purchase that partucular section and pay for it on a monthly basis until you are ready to test and move on to the next level.

However, if you are no longer enrolled in the school or the school is no longer teaching the Philippine Combatives program, please contact us . We can then proceed on taking you to the next appropriate level and give you an opportunity to continue learning the Philippine Combatives System via the PMAA Online University.




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