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The Philippine Martial Arts Alliance (PMAA) was founded by Master Julius Melegrito, with the desire to give Philippine Martial Arts practitioners all over the world a family to grow within. Whether you are an individual training in Philippine Martial Arts or an Instructor looking to implement Philippine Martial Arts in your existing program, this organization is RIGHT for you!

PMAA is committed to providing you with the highest level of training and service for stronger brotherhood and unity. Join us in this exciting journey of spreading Philippine Martial Arts, one of the most effective forms of self-defense and practical martial arts style in the world!!!

The purpose of the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance is to promote Philippine Martial Arts through:

Continuing education through martial arts seminars and alliances with other martial arts organizations: Promotion of the Philippine Martial Arts through education can be accomplished in many different ways. Master Melegrito is continuously conducting seminars not only in the United States but Internationally. His development of add-on programs such as Stix 4 Kids™ and Stick & Knife Combatives contribute to the success of this goal.  Cooperative relationships with some of the leading martial arts organizations in the world further the spread of Philippine Martial Arts. Philippine Combatives™ is compatible with and do not conflict with any other styles.  It is a proven fact that any martial arts practitioner, in any style, can easily learn to adapt the principles learned in the Philippine arts and complement their system with it.

Certification of instructors to spread knowledge of Philippine Martial Arts globally: The Alliance goal is to provide PROPER certifications and training documentations needed for members and other Philippine Martial Arts practitioners worldwide to promote the arts. An easy to follow curriculum promotes the effectiveness of the instructor’s teaching. PMAA is committed to providing instructors with the highest level of training and service. Promotion of the art, by members, with professionalism and proper marketing strategies contribute to the achievement of this goal!

Building unity in martial arts through brotherhood: Philippine Martial Arts Alliance was created with equality among martial arts practitioners in mind.  “ALLIANCE” is the  key concept of this organization. The goal is to provide all FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) practitioners with an organization to belong. Although, there are certain guidelines to be met it is our goal to provide our members with genuine brotherhood, quality materials, great student service and a politics-free environment.  KAPATID (ka-pa-teed) is a Tagalog word for brotherhood (gender free).  Please bear in mind that although we use titles such as grandmaster, masters and instructors, EVERYONE is a KAPATID! Unity is further accomplished with each person’s effort to put differences aside, including egos and self-righteousness. The foundation of our organization is “Building Unity through Brotherhood”.

“The Philippine Martial Arts Alliance is dedicated to providing the best education to our existing student members and instructors by bringing all of the different systems of Philippine Martial Arts in unity and one alliance”. Master Melegrito




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